Fold App Review 2022

What is Fold?

Fold is an application for iOS and Android devices that enables a refund in Bitcoins (in satoshis, actually) during every online purchase of gift cards in the stores they cooperate with. Each purchase is “rewarded” with a certain percentage of sats on the Fold account, and that percentage usually ranges between 3% and 20%.

Also, in addition to the mobile application, Fold offers a debit card that can be used in everyday life, like any other payment credit card.

As can be seen, Fold offers great opportunities to make everyday life easier for its users, and at the same time, rewarding.

Fold App Pros & Cons


  • Bitcoin back on all spending
  • Card accepted at all merchants that accept Visa
  • Daily prizes including a chance to win 1 Bitcoin
  • Bonus cashback at some merchants


  • Only available in US
  • Activation fee for both cards

How Does the Fold App Work?

The Fold app is straightforward to use. All you need to do is create an account on the app that can be anonymous without any user information other than an email address; however, to get 5000 satoshis when logging in, you need to create a “real” account, not anonymous.

It is also necessary to add a payment method – this can be achieved by connecting a Visa card that the user already has or using the Lightning network. The next step is to buy gift cards, and Fold adds satoshis to your account with each purchase.

Fold App Features & Benefits

As we stated several times in the text, earning BTCs has never been easier. The user who has an account on the Fold app only needs to buy a gift card, and the refund in Bitcoins is added automatically.

Depending on the company from which the purchase was made, the return percentage ranges from 1% to 20%. This is usually between 4% and 8%. Either way, it is unrealistic to expect a profit in the thousands of dollars, but it is possible to get thousands and thousands of sats.

In doing so, you get additional Bitcoin rewards (satoshis) sometimes in terms of extra spins if you invite friends to install the app.

Is Fold App available to United States residents?

The Fold app is currently only available to US residents.

Is Fold App available to EU residents?

Like we just said, the Fold app is currently only available to US residents. But as the crypto world progresses and develops, it has become a question of the moment when it will be available for EU residents as well.

How to Use the Fold Card

Fold has its own debit card in addition to the application. It is a Visa card approved by Sutton Bank in cooperation with Fold Company. In addition to the card, the account number, as well as the routing number, are obtained. It’s like having a checking account.

Pay the desired amount to the Fold card, make a purchase wherever the Visa card is accepted (online or by buying in-person), and a certain amount is returned in BTCs.

Fold Card Features & Benefits

Here are some Fold card benefits and what they include:

  • Using Fold prepaid debit card for both online and in-store shopping;
  • Earning additional Bitcoin rewards by spinning the rewards wheel;
  • Chance to win 1 Bitcoin;
  • 3% is the average value of the refund. Still, this percentage can be higher with selected sellers, for example, Amazon, Nike, Domino’s…
  • The annual increase in the value of the awards is 10%, so that is more than generous.
  • The platform will not disclose your personal information or payment details (everyday spending for instance)

There are 2 types of Fold debit cards. Depending on which user chooses, there are different amounts for fees as well as for prizes they can win.

Fold Card Pricing

The two versions of the Fold Card are the Premium Fold Card and an Intro Fold Card. Each of them has different values ​​and possibilities that it provides during use.

Having an Intro card initially costs $21 per activation, and that’s it – no more costs per year. On the other hand, the Premium card requires $150 per year, with no activation fee being paid.

Also, if there were no transactions in a year – it was inactive, a certain fee is paid every month.

Other fees are also charged, such as delivery for a replacement card, payment at an ATM, or rejection of the same. Each service has its own price, which you can see on Fold’s website.

In many ways, the Fold debit card does not differ from other bank cards of the same type. Still, here is a great chance to make a profit (rewards) on the investment (purchase) that the user certainly wanted to make.

Intro Fold Card Rewards

Every time you use a Fold card to pay (purchase) something, there is a chance of winning additional prizes by spinning the rewards wheel. The prize is always won, it’s just a matter of how lucky you are and you have a chance to get extra spins as well.

We will list some of the benefits offered by the Intro Fold card:

1% refund in sats with each purchase, a chance to win the entire bitcoin, 50 sats with each friend invitation to join, a prize of 100 sats upon registration, savings and deposit matches, 5% bonus on the category of revolving.

Premium Fold Card Rewards

As for the Premium card, as its name suggests, the prizes are also premium. They are higher than the Intro version, and here are some of them:

1000 bonus satoshis that are immediately added upon registration, twice as much saving and deposit matches, chance to win 1 whole bitcoin, 2% cashback on previous purchase and the same amount for each subsequent gift card purchase, 10% boost of category100 satoshis for each recommendation to friends.

As you can see, the rewards are not small, and it really doesn’t take much effort to get them. With a bit of luck, you can even get 1 whole Bitcoin, which has a great value today, and it is estimated that it will reach an insanely high price in the future.

Fold Card Requirements

While it may be expected that a lot of personal information is required to obtain a Fold Visa Card, in reality, this is not the case at all. Of course, following USA PATRIOT law, personal data in the form of a name, date of birth, residential address, and others are required. This is all necessary to make your identification when issuing a bank card.

This legal act was mentioned because it is implemented in financial institutions in the United States of America, and currently, the Fold card is only available there.

There is currently a waiting list to receive a Fold Prepaid Debit Card. Users can sign up for it and wait for notification when it becomes available.

How to Fund the Fold Card

Funding a Fund prepaid card is no different than any other bank card you own. All you have to do is transfer the money from the bank account you already have to the Fold card. You can also receive your salary on this card via direct deposit. All it takes is for your employer to have a card’s routing number, which is like having your bank’s current account number and depositing funds directly into your card.

It is very simple and easy to use a Fold Visa prepaid debit card, it is no different from an ordinary payment card except in one, and that is winning prizes with every purchase.

Conclusion: Is Fold App Worth It?

We hope that we have managed to answer some questions related to the Fold application and debit card.

Let’s repeat briefly – users of iOS and Android devices have access to the Fold application. Provides the opportunity to earn free sats with each purchase (online or live in the store) of gift cards in certain stores that have entered into an agreement with the Fold company. The percentage of earnings is about 3%, but it all depends on the brand.

On the other hand, Fold also has a debit card that belongs to Visa cards approved by the bank and can be used like any other payment card for payment, and you have the advantage that the more you use it you can win (earn) a significant percentage of sats or even the whole bitcoin, which has no small value nowadays (and the forecasts are that its price will only increase). Other rewards can be yours by turning the rewards point.

So, after all, our answer is a big YES for Fold!

Download, install and see what it offers, it costs nothing, and you can only win.

Make no mistake, you can’t expect to get rich overnight, but with regular use of the Fold app and the card and collecting earnings, you can achieve a fine amount of satoshis without a large investment, almost none.

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