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Real time, safe and easy with CoinBox

CoinBox provides real time, easy and safe BitCoin currency services in Malaysia.
You can buy , sell bitcoin and meet other buyer and seller accross malaysia with real-time escrow, and 24/7 support

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BitCoin free market
Big community
Sign up on CoinBox

Sign up on Coinbox

Fund your account

Fund your account

Trade bitcoin between
Malaysian using Ringgit in real time

Withdraw your profit

Withdraw your profit
in Ringgit using local banks

24 hour customer service

7 Days a week. Non-stop love from us...



Real-time purchase

Purchase will be confirmed in seconds

real time withdrawal - Proud to be CoinBlast TM

CoinBlast System in integrated to 61 Malaysian Local Bank system.
24 hours and 7 days a week, no offline time even when the bank does. We love fast.

free transaction, no questions asked

We love free as you do, all coin trading is free

when speed meets technology and security
it is coinbox

We Hate Waiting!

What if we process your cash and coin in seconds?
Give us seconds and when you blink transactions are finished.

Military Grade Security

Tempered proof server, latest encryption and more! Here at CoinBox our IT team monitor the whole transactions and server 24/7. Giving you sanctuary to put your information and wealth at CoinBox. In addition to that we put a distributed 3 servers on 3 different countries.

‘’What’s becoming our challenge is how we improve security without disturbing our users. Here at CoinBox, we manage to do that. Thanks to years of experience.’’

Khadafi, CoinBox Chief Technology Officer

Big Power, Big Stuff!

CoinBox System is designed to handle millions of transactions per second. This is the same standard that used on NASDAQ stock market. Leaving you at real-time trading without any delay.

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Trading anywhere, anytime on your SmartPhone